Yetti & the Kokonut Metro Savagnin 2021


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Yetti & the Kokonut is the love child of David of Geyer Wine Co. and Koen of Bink Wines. Through a delightfully technicolour lens they push the boundaries of what it means to be a wine from South Australia, with delicious results. This vintage sees the experimentation pull back ever so slightly, with the needle finding a perfect balance  between texture, fruit, acid and weight. 

Here's a little history lesson: back in the day, with Albarino being the hot talk of the town, a bunch of growers in Australia bought up large and planted heaps of it, or so they thought.  For the Albarino was actually the grape Savagnin, famous native grape to the Jura. Most got ripped out, prematurely it would seem. As the now cult-ish following that Jura Wine has drawn up, has made the tiny amounts of Savagnin vineyards left over highly sought after.

This is probably the most serious wine we have seen from the team, it is absolutely stunning, but still cheeky in it's delivery. Saline, juicy fruit and acid so neatly in the pocket. Nice one.

Grape: Savagnin

Country: Australia

Region: McLaren Vale

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