BAGNUM - Sparrow & Vine 1.5L White


Bagged wine just got a lil bit boujee. Because good things come in pairs (and in this case, bags), we’re bringing you a bangin’ collaboration between Built To Spill x Urban List to change up the way you wine this summer. Introducing Bagnum, the juicy drop giving cask wine the glow up it deserves, with three limited-release bagged-but-boujee wines

Our bag of white is filled with a citrus-tinged dry vino crafted from grapes grown in the Lower Hunter Valley region. It’s super crisp, loaded with lemony scents and balanced out by tangy bursts of citrus and white nectarines.

Why Buy Bagged?
  • Serves 10
  • Fast-chilling
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stays fresh for 28 days from your first pour
  • Eco-friendly with 80% lower carbon footprint 
  • Perfectly paired with picnics, parties and free pours

This Bagnum is perfectly paired with seafood, from fresh Sydney Rock Oysters to a basket of battered fish and chips (preferably enjoyed beachside, but you do you). It probs still works with a Filet-O-Fish too.

Alc: 10.5%

Volume: 1500ml

Grape: Semillon

Country: Australia

Region: Hunter Valley

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