BAGNUM - Sparrow & Vine 1.5L Rosé


Bagged wine just got a lil bit boujee. Because good things come in pairs (and in this case, bags), we’re bringing you a bangin’ collaboration between Built To Spill x Urban List to change up the way you wine this summer. Introducing Bagnum, the juicy drop giving cask wine the glow up it deserves, with three limited-release bagged-but-boujee wines

Have you ever poured Rosé from a bag? No? Well, you’re about to start a new hobby this summer which will involve repeatedly reaching for the nozzle of our refreshing Bagnum Rosé.

Why Buy Bagged?
  • Serves 10
  • Fast-chilling
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stays fresh for 28 days from your first pour
  • Eco-friendly with 80% lower carbon footprint 
  • Perfectly paired with picnics, parties and free pours

Filled with a full-flavoured but distinctly dry Sangiovese Rosé, the handpicked grapes in this wine produce a tangy cherry flavour and crunchy acidity, leaving a clean finish on the palate. Perfectly paired with Timmy Chalamet—uhh, we mean a charcuterie board, this splash screams “I better wrap some prosciutto around a melon, stat.” We reckon a twiggy stick or two would go down well, too.

Alc: 13%

Volume: 1500ml

Grape: Sangiovese

Country: Australia

Region: King Valley

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