Travis Tausend Joy Riesling 2020


Travis Tausend we first met when he was manning the helm of Høst Wine Imports, where he brought some of the most esoteric and intriguing wines into the country, capturing the imagination of drinkers nationwide.

His own wines that he makes from the Adelaide Hills are an extension of his own personailty, engaging, in touch with the earth and full of bright intensity.

I asked Travis to match an album with each of these new releases to which he kindly obliged, with a succinct explanation, followed by his notes on the wines.

Joy is the cure “mixed up” - why: because I listened to that with the windows down in the way to camping on my own in a national park. The morning at dawn I went for a cliff top walk and then met a girl and kissed her on the beach - we ended up having 2 kids together (a couple of years later) and she is the bloody best woman! 

I have worked with this fruit for 6 years now and we are just starting to get to know the shape and style of wine we want to make. The 2020 is picked much earlier than previous wines and the results are great. The wine has a much finer and more flighty palate and the aromatics are prettier and light. The wine still shows all of the minerality and earth from the ironstone and quartz which I have always loved from this site.

Alc: 11.9%

Volume: 750ml

Grape: Riesling

Country: Australia

Region: Adelaide Hills

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