Tidy Town Moscato Giallo Pet Nat 2022


"We make wine and try not to be dickheads" Now that is a company slogan I can get behind, and the tiny operation of Little Brunswick Wine Co. do a great job at upholding both parts of it. Great wines made honestly, cleanly with plenty of personality and a firm diposition to harm minimisation toward the Earth, it's a no-brainer. Support these legends.

Notes from Little Brunswick Co. - 750ml of private tropical surf beach captured in a bottle. A light sparkle offers a refreshing spritz to this tropical paradise of a beverage. This orange pet nat has backpacked around the world and it is now refreshing pallets throughout Korea, Singapore, Canada and the United States. It’s wild and free, and above all, it is endless fun.

Grape: Moscato Giallo

Country: Australia

Region: Victoria

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