Delinquente & The Chats Goon 1.5L

$35 $45

Take your clothes off the line and get ready to peg a few silver pillows on, because we put together a box of the finest goon with The Chats and Delinquente Wine Co. Encased in the most primo cardboard, with some pictures by local legend Struthless, this is the perfect accompaniment to your Pub Feed, your Smoko, or to make you feel better about getting The Clap. 

This is white goon made with a bunch of all natural, happy grapes chucked together, fermented wild and bugger all other stuff added except for a bit of sulfur just to Keep the Grubs Out. Save up your Bus Money or go halves with a mate, being the equivalent of two bottles in one glorious box, it is such good value you won’t even have to Dine n Dash. Beauty.

“It’s fucken good” Eamon, The Chats

Alc: 11%

Volume: 1500ml

Grape: Blend

Country: Australia

Region: Riverland

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