SWILL Mag Issue #2


We are super duper stoked to be able to sell these delectable printed morsels of delight. BUILT TO SWILL BAYBEH.

Everything this group does is very well thought out, with the new publishing branch being no different. From the feel, through to design, photography, content, ads - all have a transportive quality; just like their venues. 

Think of this edition as the print-equivalent of a long lunch, starting with a series of treats from chef Paul Carmichael’s childhood in the Caribbean, shot by Lauren Bamford in the style of a Women’s Weekly cookbook, circa 1972. Longtime John Waters collaborator Vincent Peranio talks about Baltimore Happenings through the 60s and 70s. For the main course, we travel to Mexico to view one of the world’s most engrossing cities through the eyes of its signature sandwiches. Author Michael Pollan writes about his experience with mescaline and Michelin-starred chef David Thompson schools us on Thai cookery. Enjoy a side serve of the Greek Islands, told through the lens of photographer Ellen Virgona, and then there’s dessert. Mr Stanley Tucci on his love of vacuuming and his hatred of the timpano they served in his 1997 film, Big Night. There’s plenty more, high to low, near to far, and all kinds of ridiculous.

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