Senzeniante Pecorino 2018


‘Senzeniate’ meaning without anything bad just all the good stuff. Skin-macerated Pecorino, gives great crunch in tongue tingling tannin, spicy mandarin peel and frisky acid. 

"Before Marina Palusci (fourth generation) made a name for itself in winemaking it was
famous for producing world-renowned olive oil. Marina’s son, Massimiliano d’Addario
(Max), saw another opportunity for the family’s four hectare territory. Located in Italy’s
eastern Pescara province, he began producing Montepulciano wines in 2009. Known for the family olive oil, Max’s talent also as a winemaker of quality fresh, delicious, easy drinking wines. He intervenes as little as possible with his organically-farmed vineyards. Using indigenous yeasts, zero filtration or additions to make the younger vines 'Senzaniente' (without anything) and older vines under his mothers name Marina Palusci 'Plenus' wines." - Matt Fox Importer

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