Sabbath Worship


This pack is all about the far reaching influence of Sabbath, from the eerie goth doom of Chelsea Wolfe, to the smoke-laced, further de-tuned and slowed down groove of the Wizard and even the colder electric tones of The Soft Moon. Grab something you know or take a stabbath in the dark.

TRACK 01: Lordette Meth Traditionelle - A tangy, fresh lemon-y sparkling from the Flatlands of NSW.

TRACK 02: Hermit Ram Sauvignon Blanc -  A skin contact, salty white fro the limestone riddled countryside of NZ, this ain't regular Savvy B, it's gone thru some serious Changes.

TRACK 03: Sven Joschke Sangiovese - A bright, electric red, perfect for the Sabbath.

TRACK 04: Mingot Pur Malbec - A dark, crunchy juice with a lift of Sweet Leaf.

Get salivating with this little mixtape we made right HERE

***No swapping records between packs, but feel free to swap in real life with your mates!

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