Jamsheed - Psycroptic As the Kingdom Drowns...In Booze! Syrah Sagrantino

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Psycroptic, Jamsheed Wines & Built to Spill Wine present...As the Kingdom Drowns...In Booze!

Our latest collaboration with long time mates and crushers of Australian death metal Psycroptic has just landed. 

One of the hardest working bands in Australia with over 20 years of brutality and 1000’s of shows around the world, Psycroptic has been unable to tour since the start of pandemic and we couldn’t think of a better way to support them than releasing some delicious juicy booze. 

After tasting the wine and designing the grimmest label artwork, Jason Peppiatt (@jasonpsycroptic) had a few things to say about it, his worldly knowledge and experience really shines through here! 

“I’d love to be able to tell you about all the hints of this and that you can taste in our wine, but I know nothing about wine! But I do know that this wine tastes great and could be paired well with a couple bongs and a feed of pizza.” 

He isn’t wrong! Heres the important stuff about the juice:

This lively beast produced by Jamsheed is made up of mostly syrah, with a bit of sagrantino - a grape which is also an anagram for I AGRO SATAN. Makes sense right?  That hail from Yarra Valley and Heathcote respectively. Dark blackberry, a little Port Royal vibe, touch of charcuterie, very plush on the palate with a fine blastbeat of tannin that keeps everything in place. 

Now is the time to skol, As the Kingdom Downs…In Booze!

Alc: 13%

Volume: 750ml

Country: Australia

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