Negative Approach - 10-SONG 7 EP (7 INCH SINGLE)


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Back in 1981, NEGATIVE APPROACH (along with The Meatmen and the Necros) were one of the dominant forces in the Detroit underground. The ravages of the Motor City made it a perfect breeding ground for this cacophony, later termed 'hardcore.' Hordes of punks packed the legendary Freezer Theatre to John Brannon's jagged, gruff vocals, the McCulloch brothers' (Rob and Graham) guitar/bass gnash, and OP Moore's pounding fury. Long out of print, NA originally released this 10-Song 7' EP in 1982 to a limited pressing of 3000 on Touch and Go Records. The band's minimalist (read: 30 second songs) and aggressive brand of punk has inspired countless hardcore bands around the globe. Their influence continues today with the 2010 publications of Tesco Vee's Touch and Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine '77-'83 (Bazillion Points) and of Tony Rettman's Why Be Something You're Not: Detroit Hardcore 1979-1985 (Revelation Records) - which both feature NA's John Brannon on their covers. Having disbanded in 1985, Negative Approach reunited in 2006 for Touch and Go's 25th Anniversary and have been playing shows and touring ever since. Now remastered by John Golden, the legendary 10-Song 7' EP is once again available for past, present, and future hardcore fans. SELLING POINTS: * Debut release by one of the most influential hardcore bands of all time * Out of print since 1983 * Featured in and on the covers of two highly anticipated books chronicling the history of Detroit hardcore released in summer of 2010 * Reunited in 2006 at Touch and Go 25th Anniversary in Chicago, IL * Sold out US and European tour dates in 2010 * Original issue 7's sell for a small fortune online Track Listing: Can't Tell No One * Sick of Talk * Pressure * Why Be Something That Your're Not * Nothing * Fair Warning * Ready To Fight * Lead Song * What Ever I Do * Negative Approach

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