Moonlight Super Tranquil Petillant Naturel 2021


Simon & Charlie from Chateau Acid are busy boys, and thanks to a bumper harvest in the South of 2021, they jumped at the opportunity to create some delicious juice, at a very approachable price point. The wines are refreshing and clean, with a big time afternoon sesh vibe.

The Super Tranquil is comprised of mostly Zibbibo with a dash of Vermentino, but do not be fooled by the list of ingredients, there is a bunch of perfume, but it is not overpowering at all, there is a fine mousse of bubbles, crunchy, electric licks of acidity thanks to the early picking date, and at 11.4%, you could have a fair few of these and still feel cool!

Alc: 11.5%

Volume: 750ml

Grape: Vermentino, Zibbibo

Country: Australia

Region: Riverland

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