Moondarra ‘Studebaker’ Bianco 2021


Moondarra, located in Gippsland at the base of Mount Baw Baw make less conventional "post-natural, post-punk" as they call it. Very considered and deliberate winemaking here, distortion in tasteful places, texture and tannin and acid and fruit all dealt with judiciously to make high value, high drinkability wines.

The Studebaker Bianco is a blend of Friulian decended grapes such as Pinot Grigio, Ribolla and Fruliano, inspired by the wines of Josko Gravner. It is complex and spicy, a little candied ginger here, a saline lick of phenolic texture there. Very well-balanced, and a great maiden voyage into the world of orange wines for any newcomers. Bravo!

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