Momento Mori BRUTAL Schioppettino 2019


Dane Johns of Momento Mori is a wizard when it comes to making wine, he sources hard to find varietals, making highly sought after and rare wines that are full of as much magic as they are of flavour. There is never much around, so be quick.

Some words from the wizard himself below...

Yet again, It has been both an honour to put another wine to bottle under the Brutal label. Being the first, and so far only Australian Brutal release it is always with great care and responsibility that I have chosen these wines to wear this label.
I’m sure I do not need to talk too much about what these wines represent across the world. To me they are in essence wines with no so2 and always of incredible energy and interest. The individual wines have always been something I admired and the ethos behind the bar itself has always been inspiring in many ways.

This years offering is a light red wine made from 100% Schioppettino.

This is a super rare variety in Australia and indeed the rest of the world. I have had fruit from these vines for the last 3 years and have been slowly figuring it out year after year. The first two years were good but I knew it could be great so those wines ended up in another cuvee.

This year with the 2019 the elements aligned and the wine is what I always knew it had the potential to be !

It was whole bunch fermented in stainless steel, then very lightly pressed back into stainless where it rested for 12 months before bottling by hand under premium natural cork.

The perfume of this wine is really something else.. it’s incredible ! the wine is light, complex and absolutely buzzing with energy.

There was only 1 tank produced so is strictly limited.

Alc: 11.5%

Volume: 750ml

Grape: Schioppettino

Country: Australia

Region: Heathcote

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