Minim Bourdain Shiraz Riesling 2021


Tim Sproal of Minim is a humble, driven and very talented winemaker. From Minim to Boomtown projects, he pushes a big dream with a full and earnest heart. His wines are highly defined by where they come from, and he paints the pictures very honestly.

Notes from the winemaker:

A blend of Shiraz and Riesling. This is a really fascinating wine for me….and validation that sometimes instinct really pays off in winemaking. The colour is vivid ruby red, owing to an abundance of natural acidity. Aromatically its all raspberries, and on the pallet moves quickly through to fruit to structure, finishing with a pucker of tannin and a desire for more fruit. This is a light red to serve chilled and feels like it would have no better home than a summer barbecue.

Alc: 11.4%

Vol: 750ml

Grape: Riesling, Shiraz

Country: Australia

Region: Heathcote

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