Michel Gahier Arbois Trousseau La Vigne de Louis 2019



Michel Gahier's wines have always represented a fine and elegant style, a lightly bridled venture into the Jura not to be missed. Some words from Roger & Sue of Living Wines who import these beauties.

Michel Gahier lives in the centre of the village of Montigny-les-Arsures which lies near the central town of Arbois. The reason this is significant is that Montigny is regarded as the finest terroir for the Trousseau grape in the Jura.

Le Vigne du Louis is a Trousseau that is lighter than the Grands Vergers and Le Clousot, it is a paler colour but has a vibrant freshness and hints of smokiness.

It is made in exactly the same way as the Grands Vergers but the fruit is sourced from younger vines.

Younger vines usually produce lighter wine styles of less complexity than older vines, but wines that are pleasant drinking nevertheless.

A small amount of sulphite was added to this wine when it was bottled.

It has good structure, very good length and is quite juicy – hence is very drinkable.

The ‘young’ vines are approaching thirty years old and lie on a south west facing slope.

This vintage you can detect a fuller, supple velvety character emerging in the wine which is very appealing.

Grape: Trousseau

Country: France

Region: Jura

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