Lucy M. Tête d’oeuf 2021


Anton Von Klopper was instrumental amongst others in the area, in bringing Australian Natural Wine to the forefront globally, pushing the envelope stylistically as well as changing people's perceptions of good farming. There are no wines quite like Lucy M wines, we are very lucky to receive a small allocation this year. 

Robert Surmann’s vineyard in Totness with 30 y/o sauvignon blanc grown on Black
Sandy soil overlying petrified schist, it is V.S.P. Trained and spur pruned.
The fruit is destemmed sauvignon blanc, left to soak and start ferment on berries
for one month in an 800L ceramic egg, then the berries are removed then pressed
and added back. The wine is slightly cloudy golden colour. A perfumed richness of
Turkish delight served in a dank cave with beeswax candles flickering gently and enchanting games of chess being played by ‘the in crowd’, lucid fluidity coats and a harmonic rhythm on your tongue.

Alc: 12%

Vol: 750ml

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

Country: Australia

Region: Adelaide Hills

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