Little Reddie Super Juice 2022


Little Reddie is Pat Underwood, you would have seen his hugely popular wines before, a few with Sonic Youth homages across the label. He is highly refreshing in the natural wine scene, not just for his talent, but also his transparency and honesty in his winemaking.

Super Juice is the light as red, deep rosé we all needed, the one we all deserved. Notes from Pat:

Slightly darker hue than previous years with a really natural cherry colour and flicks of terracotta. But only flicks.
Incredibly harmonious bouquet - red roses, fennel tops and freshly cut cherries. A little savoury spicy thing, cherry wood and cinnamon and a tiny little alpine lift. Very satisfying to smell, quite varietal but a little more delicate than most.

The palate is really balanced - A lovely ferrous quality sits amongst raspberries, strawberries and plums. There’s a delicious amaro cutting through that is in cahoots with a very sneaky line of blood orange like acidity. The wine is texturally resolved with quite fine tannin that will wake up more so with a little air.
It’s a really joyously easy drinking experience yet holding abundant and complex layers of fruit, tannin and acidity if you care to look.

Serve - A cared for chicken roasted with a good amount of garlic, lemon, thyme and butter. Ripe washed rind cheese.

Listen - Bitches Brew, Miles Davis - on low volume.
Regarding both of the above, these are essentially comfort foods / tunes for me and I feel the same of the wine. Eat what you love to cook and play the records you love to hear. Hopefully the wine will oblige.

Grape: Nebbiolo

Country: Australia

Region: Central Victoria

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