Les & Sez Rebelle 2022


Les & Sez is a very cute and lively project from Tim Stock (Les Fruits) and Sarah Feehan (Parley) - with the focus being unbridled love in the winery - see what happens when wine is left to flourish and do it what it wants. The results are exciting, vibrant and ultimately delicious. 

Words from Les & Sez below:

‘Rebelle’ through and through. An experiment with whole bunch carbonic Chardonnay in a single puncheon with the head knocked out. With love and hope it made the journey to the dark heart of skin fermented Chardonnay.
Soft, golden amber; the nose is a genuine surprise. Candied citrus peel, lemon and orange zest, grapefruit marmalade, beeswax and honey. The varietal totally blown out of focus thanks to carbonic maceration with full skins and stems. Textural as expected but punctuated by prickly acidity. and powdery tannins. Surprisingly long, focussed and juicy with bitter lemon and lime cordial. Just a hint of old barrel charm.

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