Les & Sez Bien Sur 2022


Les & Sez is a very cute and lively project from Tim Stock (Les Fruits) and Sarah Feehan (Parley) - with the focus being unbridled love in the winery - see what happens when wine is left to flourish and do it what it wants. The results are exciting, vibrant and ultimately delicious. 

Words from Les & Sez below:

A sure thing from the start. Both varieties were hand destemmed into an old, upended
puncheon until we got sick of it and chucked in the rest of the Grenache as whole bunches. No ‘management’ other than pushing the cap down now and then once it rose, basket pressed to one precious barrique.

A cherry red treasure chest full of old rubies. The 'ye olde' feels persist with the delicate notes of rhubarb, watermelon juice, wild red plums, sour cherry, cinnamon and star anise. Fine, furry, cranberry skin tannins land it in the red wine camp but an underlying lightness feels white and the fully textured mid palate is all Chardonnay. Expect more plum and red berry fruits along with a watermelon tang and pomegranate juice to the finish. Those tannins are surprisingly persistent.

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