Latta Tranquil Traditional Method 2017


Owen Latta is the guy who took over winemaking for his parents at the ripe age of 15 for Eastern Peake, making some of the finest wines to come out of Victoria. Now with his own label, Latta Vino, he dabbles in all kinds of vinous experiments.

Owen loves his experiments and this has to be one of the most out-there ones to date. He kept a barrel of nebbiolo aside from 2017 and then made it sparkling in the traditional method to create this wild child of a bottle. It comes across almost like an italian bitter spritz, something you might find Mikey Nicolian serving you at Continental, it is fresh as hell, complex and freaky amaro vibes. So cool.

Alc: 12%

Vol: 750ml

Grape: Nebbiolo

Country: Australia

Region: Pyrenees

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