Konpira Maru MK Rosé


The Konpira Maru team are absolute legends, wildly intelligent, good at drinking, better at having a yarn, and way too talented at making wine. They do a bit of stuff from Queensland, and a bit of stuff from Victoria.

The boys said the last thing they wanted to do was make a bland, salmon-hued whitebread rosé and instead packed several punches of flavour into this juicey, highly gulpable darker-toned container of delicious. Dip your nose in until you hear the bong hit of the intro to Marijuanaut's Theme from Sleep's The Sciences, and then drink deep as the riff chugs along with you, sending you into astronomical scenes of wonder. Plenty of watermelon, rosewater kinda stuff. Yum. 

Alc: 13.3%

Volume: 750ml

Grape: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir

Country: Australia

Region: Whitlands

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