Konpira Maru The Door Prize 2021


The Konpira Maru team are absolute legends, wildly intelligent, good at drinking, better at having a yarn, and way too talented at making wine. They do a bit of stuff from Queensland, and a bit of stuff from Victoria.

Notes from Konpira Maru - A wine made in collaboration with two wonderful humans, here for a good time not a long time as most of it was consumed at the wedding........ Some notes from the makers, Tom and Viv.

The Big Door Prize was made for sharing with those closest to you! Tom, who loves country music and Viv who loves entertaining thought it would be a great idea to make a wine for their wedding. The main problem was that neither of them had the expertise - just hedonistic enthusiasm. The experts were called in and proper guidance given. Bread was broken over a warehouse lunch before a plan was formed.

The aim was to make a drink that could be enjoyed by their eclectic group of friends and family. It had to be clean enough for the traditionalists and wild enough for the those that like to live on the edge. Arneis for texture and body, a splash of Friulano for length and a sprinkling of Riesling for that refreshing zip that binds it all together.

This wine is textured and savoury with mandarin, ripe peach and quince. You’ll find a lemon acidity that drives the wine down the palate, making you want to come back for at least one more tipple. We think it’s versatile for a range of dinners, parties and sunny afternoons. It’s for easy drinking AND your parents will like it! Have it all the time, we will continue too. TC & VM

Grape: Blend

Country: Australia

Region: Victoria

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