Konpira Maru El Pacu 2021


The Konpira Maru team are absolute legends, wildly intelligent, good at drinking, better at having a yarn, and way too talented at making wine. They do a bit of stuff from Queensland, and a bit of stuff from Victoria.

Notes from Kopira Maru - El Pacu was born from the need for the ultimate wine-food match; a textural white with the vegetarian piranha of Peru. Teeth like humans, and ribs like pork, the fig-loving El Pacu of the Amazonian head waters is a treat to catch and a treat to eat.

The original incarnation of our El Pacu wine was a skinsy Chardonnay from New England in 2017. That was a lovely drop but this one ups the ante with some premo Chardy and Pinot Noir from up on the Whitlands plateau, a touch of Riesling from the Mt Bellvue ridge (also Whitlands), Arneis from the banks of the Boggy Creek, and a dabble of Sav B from the Grampians. What it makes is a bright and light white ready for a side of piranha and some fun and breezy times.

A palate of blueberry and passionfruit, and a textured palate of lemon meringue pie. Best served with fresh BBQed El Pacu.

Grape: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Country: Australia

Region: Whitlands

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