Kat Sabbath X Brave New Wine - Skinned Sabbath 2021

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Built to Spill Wine is proud to present...


Sydney's style-queen teacher-turned-cake-creator Kat Sabbath matched with the jewel of the Great Southern, equally loud in their colour palette as in their flavour palate, Brave New Wine. 

A project two years in the making, once we got Yoko & Andries on board, everything started to click into place. Barrel samples of gewurz, vermentino & riesling winded their way to Sydney, where Kat got to play alchemist in a table blend. BNW then worked their magic into expanding this lightly floral, zippy kombucha-tinged bottle of orange frivolity you see before you.

To finish, the wine was perfectly frosted and decorated by the amazing James Jirat Patradoon, who went above and beyond with this Mandy-meets-Sherbert-candy label. Kat even threw in a recipe card for her exquisite Dreamy Sherbert Cake to pair with the complete package! Hell yeah. 

Kat's latest book Bake Australia Great, full of hectically-creative riffs on Aussie classics, icons and staples (ie. Fairy Bread!) now on it's third re-print, be sure to get your copies before they sell out!

And lastly, being a massive metal fan, we got Kat to choose a record to put in the deluxe pack, seeing as we are mostly hanging out and drinking together at shows! What better pick, than Judas Priest's Firepower EP on flame red vinyl, a very rare Japanese pressing, with a slew of the latest BNW releases. YUM.

This is a limited run, so don't jog, sprint.

Grape: Gewurztraminer, Vermentino

Country: Australia

Region: Great Southern

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