In Hearts Wake Skydancer Tempranillo


We are beyond ecstatic to get this one together with Byron Bay favourites In Hearts Wake, a project that has been fermenting away for quite a while now.

"To celebrate Earth Week & our eco-vinyl re release of Earthwalker & Skydancer, we're launching a limited organic/biodynamic/vegan Wildflower Rosé Skydancer Tempranillo w/ Built To Spill. Because what goes better with vinyl than vino! 🌏" - Jake Taylor, In Hearts Wake

We utilised the talents of Steve Mobbs of Dreaded Friend to put these limited runs together. The Skydancer Tempranillo is a more stoic deep red, dark cacao give way to arabica coffee, warming tannins and deep complexity, with dark forest fruit and wild cherry leaf. It has a bit of age on it, which allows it's story to be told over the course of a few hours, a wine for contemplation, for watching the sky, from the Earth below.

Alc: 14%

Volume: 750ml

Grape: Tempranillo

Country: Australia

Region: Canowindra

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