Giovanni Armani Giorgio Bianco 2021


G.A.G. is the beautiful love child of Freddie Stevenson's own Steve Crawford & artist Carlo Jensen. BONZA VINO indeed! Here's some words from the masterminds themselves :

A tropical paradise of refreshment, grippy texture and zingy acidity. Lemon pith and rind, reconstituted pineapple juice and mild passionfruit.

Fruit coming from the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley and Riverland. Multiple ferments, multiple levels of maceration, multiple regions – enter the multiverse of flavour. The Fiat needs a service, but the wine is tip-top. Made from a blend of Vermentino, Malvasia Bianco, Trebbiano and Pecorino.

Alc: 10.2%

Volume: 750ml

Grape: Blend

Country: Australia

Region: Riverland

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