Freddie Gibbs Big Rabbit Tour Shirt


Freddie Gibbs X Little Reddie

Get on the Kane Train or get off the tracks for an internationally orchestrated collaboration. The wine of the year is here: Big Rabbit Refosco.

In early 2020, before pandemics and global shutdowns, Freddie got papped on European tour knocking back a bottle of cult Jura icon, Jean-Francois Ganevat. Meanwhile, in Sydney, our wine wizard and Gibbs super fan --Tai Tate --had a notion. He'd spend the rest of the year with us building our wine and music collaboration business, Built to Spill Wine, to the soundtrack of freshly released Alfredo always dreaming of the perfect pairing. And here we are!

Freddie Gibbs along with friend and manager Ben “Lambo” Lambert, cultivate their business perpetually on their own terms, switching up the perspective on how Gangster Rap is marketed, delivered and received. A natural wine collab with these two felt... natural. Tai and Lambo traded ideas and landed on a multi-continent release of highly limited, sustainable Big Rabbit wines.

We called on close friend, and well-established Victorian winemaker; Pat Underwood of Little Reddie to create something truly original. Pat took inspiration from that Alfredo album, using an Italian varietal to create the Big Rabbit Refosco, an elegant, sophisticated and deliciously chillable red. No additions whatsoever.


Country: Australia

Region: Heathcote

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