Fin Wines Speedo Gris 2021



Fin is a collaboration between three highly skilled and creative friends, Jonjo & Olivier of Cre Wines & Angus of Glasdec and Medlar Food Collective. They produce small amounts of extremely drinkable things from wine to cider and piquette, out of the Jamsheed Urban Winery in Preston Victoria. 

This bright and racy gris sees some skin contact and probably slides in between orange and rosé, but to be honest the only category it needs to be placed in is "Stupidly Delicious Things to Put in Your Gob" It's like drinking Lebanase pomegranate lemonade, so refreshing with a little savoury spice under the hood. Won't last long. 

Alc: 11.7%

Volume: 750ml

Grape: Pinot Gris

Country: Australia

Region: Central Victoria

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