Dr. Edge Gold 2021


Peter Dredge has been the accomplished session musician winemaker for some big labels in the day, as well as doing tours in Germany, honing his craft to a fine point. Dr. Edge & Meadowbank are now regarded as some of the finest wines in the country, and rightly so. 

Featuring artwork from the classic Ninja Tune album by Vadim, with the rights painstakingly acquired through many means and avenues - is another Dredgey modern classic. Chardonnay and it's alternative emo cousin Charrdonnay Musque play for keeps in this blend that ultimately... feels like you're drinking the best wine that is as refreshing as a real German Pilsner. It is sooo refreshing, yet has big structure and complexity. Everything in it's right place here.

Alc: 11.5%

Vol: 750ml

Grape: Chardonnay, Chardonnay Musque

Country: Australia

Region: Tasmania

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