Domaine Derain Saint-Aubin Le Ban 2019


The Derain spot started operating in the late 80s, nestled beside two premier cru spots in Burgundy, giving them rich and valuable soil, without the hectic price tag. 

Notes from Living Wines:

The Le Ban is one of the best wines from the Derain vineyards! The wines here tend to reflect the vintage especially when it encourages slow but steady growth in the vineyard leading to wines with good structure and length.

This 2019 wine shows just how good wines can be from the previously underrated appellation of Saint-Aubin.

The vines here (which were planted in 1920, so are now over 100 years old) thrive on an east facing slope covered in limestone derived brown clay and gravel.

This 2019 is a lovely wine with an appealing cherry and strawberry fruit flavour, a core of acidity, great freshness, an underlying spiciness and perfect balance. Great drinking now but it is a good idea to pour the wine into a carafe before drinking.

Grape: Pinot Noir

Country: France

Region: Burgundy

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