Domaine Bobinet Aunis 2020


Domaine Bobinet are a shining light for the natural wines of the Loire, For while they do not take any shortcuts in the crafting of their wines, they manage to make them cleanly, yet full of life, for great cross-over appeal. 

Notes from the Lo-Fi crew:

The Aunis from Bobinet is made from the rare Pineau d'Aunis varietal. It comes from a vineyard, 35 years of age grown on pure limestone. It has a beautiful flinty reduction that gives the wine a jura-esque quality.  It is vinified through Carbonic maceration with the goal of preserving the aromas of fresh grape juice and then aged for 5 month is old barrels. Can be consumed slightly chilled.

Alc: 12.5%

Vol: 750ml

Grape: Pineau d’Aunis

Country: France

Region: Loire Valley

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