Dirty Black Denim 2021 Carménère 'Sedienta'


Notes from Paul Hervy: As we said before, a few young winemakers are taking fruit from the wonderful Humis Vineyard in Colbinabbin. This Carmenere has been worked with in particular by Micah of Defialy and Humis themselves, so it’s wonderful to see it in another iteration. Early pick, with only a brief couple of days to macerate. Pressed to old puncheons. Sitting politely on lees for seven months, then bottled with a small charge of SO₂. You can see how Carmenere gets confused with Merlot here, so broody and blue fruited, squishy cherries and mulberries. A hint of oregano, coriander seed and caraway. Likes to be put in the fridge for minute, served like a Beaujolais.

Grape: Carmenere

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