Delinquente Pretty Boy Rosato 2022


Delinquente is a cool project coming out of the Riverland, making fun and experimental wines with a deft touch, and a youthful exuberance that shines through every time. Now certified biodynamic.

Sure there's some strawberry & cream classic notes coming through, but to be honest this actually feels more like foreshadowing to a saline, Sicilian vibe of rosato a La Moresca. INSANE value.

Notes from Greg below:

Despite some challenges, a fantastic year for Nero d’Avola and a truly exciting Rosato has come forth. The nose charges at you with candied strawberry, rose petal, and that ubiquitous but undeniable strawberries and cream aroma that just keeps going and going. On the palate, a certain elegance – these fruit forward flavours persist, while the classic Nero d’Avola acidity comes in to keep things fresh and crunchy; evolving the flavours into a slightly underripe stonefruit spectrum – white peach or nectarine. The most in balance and engaging Rosato we’ve made for a few years, and everything we want to see from this wine.

Wild fermented in stainless steel, Nero d’Avola is a native Sicilian variety that is perfectly suited to the hot, dry climate of the Riverland. After crushing, the fruit was left to soak on skins for 6 hours, giving the wine it’s the lovely blush pink colour – maybe a little lighter than the previous few years. The cooler vintage conditions meant that acids remained high, even as sugar levels increased and flavours developed, meaning we have a little higher ABV than previous years, but also more depth of flavour, whilst not compromising freshness and drinkability.

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