David Bridie/All India Radio/Konpira Maru/Dazma - Reconstructions Vinyl Pack


We live and breathe music and wine every day, as do all the people we are lucky enough to work with. It is an absolute privilege to put this pack together with such a bunch of beautfully talented people, collaborating across the spectrum as well as state lines. 

Words from the crew below:

Al (Konpira Maru), Charlie (Dazma Wine Company) and David Bridie (My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Not Drowning Waving, Wantok Music Foundation plus a million other incredible projects and causes) have played extremely low level cricket together for years, and all of us love Tai (Built to Spill Wine), so this is surely the perfect super group. Last year when Al and Charlie heard Dave's collaboration with All India Radio for the first time, we knew: (1) it had to be on vinyl; (2) we had to somehow get our name's associated with it. In all seriousness though, this album is atmospheric but beautifully melodic, and the perfect antidote to these times... especially coupled with these wines! It is extremely limited release (50 copies), as are all these wines, all of which are sold out or very close to being.

Each pack contains:

1x David Bridie/All India Radio - Reconstructions on Vinyl

1x Konpira Maru Panopticon

1x Dazma Wine Company Gewurztraminer

1x Konpira Maru I Dream the Tangerine

1x Konpira Maru x Thy Art is Murder Purest Strain of Grape

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