Ochota Barrels The Green Room Grenache, Syrah 2022


Taras and Amber surfed their way round the world before deciding to move back home to South Australia and make wine. You know the bottles, they got wines called Fugazi, wines named after Dead Kennedy’s songs, and a few wines made with Maynard James Keenan. Taras, the original Pussysausage. In loving memory of Taras, his legacy lives on through Amber, Sage & Anouk, and also now into these wines and to you, enjoy.

This medium bodied little number is all about that early-pick acid, unfiltered, as Taras would say the floaty bits are probably MDMA. Either way, this is the Green Room you always wanna get stuck in. Surfs up.


Grape: Grenache

Country: Australia

Region: McLaren Vale

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