Momento Mori Etcetera Etcetera 2019


Dane Johns of Momento Mori is a wizard when it comes to making wine, he sources hard to find varietals, making highly sought after and rare wines that are full of as much magic as they are of flavour. There is never much around, so be quick.

Some words from the wizard himself below...

Alright, so I thought after the rough year we have all had it would be a good thing to have a chilled red equivalent of the Fistful of Flowers. A more accessible wine, a wine to drink, a wine for the people ! Therefore I have dropped the LUC on this one to fit that bill. 

This is a versatile wine. A wine you can happily pour, a wine you can take to the park or a party. A wine you can drink from the bottle if so desired ! 

It does not lack in quality, structure or energy though so can quite happily fit a far more serious bill too. This is a wine that definitely punches above it’s weight. 

Once again as it’s namesake suggests this cuvée is an eclectic blend of components. 

It is crafted each year to resemble a style of wine I revere (an energetic & complex light red). Although it is in it’s own right a unique composition reflecting the season and particular experiments I have had going on that year. 

As always all fruit was grown organically and ferments were spontaneous without additions. 

The 2019 version is made up of Schioppettino ‘blanc de blanc’ 50%, and 50% Syrah rosé. 

The ferments and elevage were entirely in stainless steel and were left on full solids for 1.5 years. The individual wines were then blended 6 months ago to allow time to rest and harmony to develop before bottling with a minimal amount s02 (20ppm to be exact). 

The culmination is a very unique and cohesive wine, light, fresh & very energetic with loads of complexity and structure. Drink slightly chilled. 

Alc: 11.5%

Volume: 750ml

Grape: Schioppettino, Syrah

Country: Australia

Region: Heathcote

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