The cream of the crop, golden oldies, classics for a reason. Paired with classics in their own right, with a modern twist. This is the perfect pack for the person with distinguished taste and a classic palate. Enjoy.

TRACK 01: Holly's Garden Uberbrut - A crisp, refreshing and slightly savoury sparkling that will quench the thirst even if you're next to an Eternal Flame.

TRACK 02: Little Reddie Sauvignon Blanc - This ain't no candy coloured clown, this is the wine you would drive all night for.

TRACK 03: Express Winemakers Rosé - A classic rosé in the Southern French vein, but tantalising and interesting, the times really are a changing.

TRACK 04: Spectrum Pinot - A light, elegant, lip-smackingly fresh pinot. Hallelujah.

Get salivating with this little mixtape we made right HERE

***No swapping records between packs, but feel free to swap in real life with your mates!

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