Borachio Savagnin 2020


Mark & Alicia traded in the big city life in Sydney to move down to the Adelaide Hills where they worked under natural wine icon, James Erskine of Jauma. It wasn't long before they started producing their own stuff and every year we are astounded at how much they progress. 

Notes from Team Borachio:

Whole bunch pressed, fermented to nearly dry, then to barrel for a rest. 

For whatever reason I’ve always been drawn to the salty side of life, maybe growing up on a peninsula, being naughty kids hooning around in tinnies, going fishing, getting as much hot chips as you had loose change, ripping oysters of the rocks… yeah makes perfect sense when I write it down. 

AGES ago, Alicia and I used to get fish & chips and head to a spot next to Wamberal lagoon. We’d get your classic fish cocktail and if a dole/royalty cheque had come through, I’d splash out on some crumbed scallops, in all their sweet and salty glory, with a proper lemon squash to wash it down. Good times. 

Alc: 12.6%

Vol: 750ml

Grape: Savagnin

Country: Australia

Region: Adelaide Hills

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