Belle-Vue Maceration Pinot Gris 2020


This is made from a parcel of Pinot Gris grown on pink quartz soil. I don't usually go in for (or sell) maceration wines as I feel that most are homogeneous in taste and mouthfeel - some though are quite special as they posses delicacy and harmony - this is one such. Macerated on skins for 3 weeks then aged in a seasoned foudre and an anfora, it is very fine and elegant glides and tantalizes aromatically and texturally - there is some very fine and supportive tannin on the finish - Pinot Gris a very flexible variety and here it is far from it's traditional French home in Alsace - make no mistake it is at it's apex here and this wine is custom built for today's 'haute' gastronomy. Don't miss this one - decant, relax, enjoy

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