BEAST 014 Loxton Petit Verdot 2022


BEAST is the second gear of VHS Wines, in collaboration with artist Lucas Croall. While they share the same creative drive with older sister VHS, The BEAST wines enter the world slightly more approachable from a commercial perspective. The winemaking is smart, calculated and highly innovative with ZERO additions. They are truly 'natural' wines while being very considered.

Notes from Sam:

*Medium palate weight Petit Verdot. Recommended drinking @20 degs approx for aromatic integrity. A real "people pleaser" across demographics*

Notes from Gary:

Comforting, familiar, velvet-like in it's delivery, The National's 'High Violet' springs to mind, melancholic hope in a red-wine-drenched viewscape, equally at home behind glass as it rains as shoe-free in the grass, gleefully drinking in the summer. 

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