Aunty Donna's $30 Bottle of Wine + Always Room For Christmas Pud Book Bundle


This isn’t just any bottle of wine, this is a $30 bottle of wine. However unlike a regular $30 bottle of wine this bottle will let everyone know it’s a $30 bottle of wine by being literally called a ‘$30 bottle of wine’. Imagine yourself enjoying the bright red fruits and cacao on the nose knowing you’ve spent $30 on a bottle of wine. Picture your dinner guests luxuriating in its velvet gloved tannin, very aware of the fact they’re drinking a $30 bottle of wine. You could hardly dream of how impressed your business associates will be receiving this versatile red with notes of cranberry and wild cherry, certain it's not a $20 bottle of wine or even a $25 bottle of wine but actually a $30 bottle of wine. This bottle of wine is the epitome of a $30 bottle of wine (RRP 29.95).


30th Anniversary Golden Edition of Always Room For Christmas Pud, a book by Aunty Donna.

If you've ever over-indulged on Christmas Day, this witty and nostalgic book is for you.

Christmas dinner was done, 'twas one of the greats!
Where once was a banquet just lay empty plates.
The prawns and bean salad and ham were so yummy,
Now all that remained were the guests with full tummies...

Is there such a thing as being TOO FULL for Christmas pud? A poetic yarn that has become the stuff of festive legend, this special anniversary edition of Aunty Donna's modern classic, Always Room for Christmas Pud, will allow you to have your pud and eat it too. Illustrated by James Fosdike.

Industry Reviews:

- Andy Griffiths

'Pud helped me win a dance competition, I will forever be grateful.'
- Andy Lee

'Pud is nom nom. Eat it all up!'
- Tracey Spicer AM

'An enchanting Yuletide tale which will-PUD I LOVE PUD MUST HAVE PUD PUD PUD PUD.'
- Shaun Micallef

'When it comes to fud, pud is gud.'
- Miranda Tapsell

'Even more delish than Hanukkah gefilte fish knish!'
- John Safran

'It's all good in the pud. Just pudding it out there.'
- Grace Tame

Grape: Shiraz

Country: Australia

Region: Macedon

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