Aller Trop Loin Hot Mess Pet Nat 2021


Words from Mark:

Crafted from Bendigo Mouredre (82%), Bendigo Verdelho (8%), Yarra Valley Sauvignon Blanc (4%), Bendigo Malbec (4%) and Yarra Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (2%). The wine was bottled at 9 grams of sugar remaining in the ferment and it was disgorged so there is no gushing!

Aromatics of every red lolly in the candy shop and strawberries & cream with flavours of red tropical fruits.

A fun yet complex sparkling wine that has tiny bubbles and an attractive mousse. It’s basically a skinsy rose and a Pet Nat meeting half-way! 

Grape: Blend

Country: Australia

Region: Yarra Valley

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