ACABERNET - Daniel Boyd X Konpira Maru X Built to Spill Wine


This is a special collab for Built To Spill. Dan is part of our family and he was excited about the opportunity to release this little ACABERNET with our friends Konpira Maru.

Daniel Boyd (born 1982) is an Australian contemporary artist working in painting, sculpture and installation. Dan is a KudjalaGhungaluWanggeriburraWakka WakkaGubbi GubbiKuku YalanjiYuggera and Bundjalung man with Ni-Vanuatu heritage, from Cairns now living and working on Gadigal/Wangal Country in Marrickville.

He gained attention with his No Beard series of mocking oil portraits of colonial Australian historical figures, which he started in 2005. His list of exhibitions and awards is long, prestigious and international including a portrait of OneFour in last year’s Archibald and representing Australia in the Venice Biennale.

He just wrapped up a huge knockout solo show Daniel Boyd: Treasure Island at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, featuring over 80 of his works. Dan is represented by Roslyn Oxley in Sydney and Kukje Gallery in Seoul.  

Konpira Maru have the mission statement "make mid-week wines great again".

"Konpira Maru started, as many great ideas do, as an idea born from two mates having a beer at the pub.

Working in the retail, production and education sectors of the wine industry for many years, we were searching for our own creative outlet. Sharing similar viticultural, winemaking and beer-drinking values, we set out on our vinous journey and, from these humble beginnings, produced the first vintage in 2014, which resulted in just 600 bottles." - Konpira Maru 

ACABERNET  is a delightful, refreshing bottle of sour summer tang. An honourary percent of a Cab goes into the mix of Shiraz, Barbera, Dolcetto and Pinot Noir to make a red that should be chilled and as Konpira Maru suggests thrown down mid week over a bowl of spaghetti. Fruit comes from the organically grown KM vineyard in Whitlands, King Valley in Victoria and is made under the motto of Minimum Intervention, Maximum Care.


All bottles are signed by Dan and there are only 300 or so available. 












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