Aunty Donna's $30 Bottle of Wine

This isn’t just any bottle of wine, this is a $30 bottle of wine. However unlike a regular $30 bottle of wine this bottle will let everyone know it’s a $30 bottle of wine by being literally called a ‘$30 bottle of wine’. Imagine yourself enjoying the bright red fruits and cacao on the nose knowing you’ve spent $30 on a bottle of wine. Picture your dinner guests luxuriating in its velvet gloved tannin, very aware of the fact they’re drinking a $30 bottle of wine. You could hardly dream of how impressed your business associates will be receiving this versatile red with notes of cranberry and wild cherry, certain it's not a $20 bottle of wine or even a $25 bottle of wine but actually a $30 bottle of wine. This bottle of wine is the epitome of a $30 bottle of wine (RRP 29.95).

Grape: Shiraz

Country: Australia

Region: Macedon

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