Delinquente Screaming Betty Vermentino 2022


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Delinquente is a cool project coming out of the Riverland, making fun and experimental wines with a deft touch, and a youthful exuberance that shines through every time. Now certified biodynamic.

This wine has proven to be the ultimate litmus test for showcasing Delinquente's evolution; what started as a fairly broad white wine, is now the textural, and ultra refreshing beast you see before you. Bravo.

Notes from DLQ:

Bold and bright, a distinct passionfruit, tropical vibe presents up front, a new-ish feel for the Vermentino this year. Structural and herbaceous – lemon thyme grassiness holds fort on the palate with a subdued citrus, stonefruit push providing a counterpoint in the background. Classic Vermentino on the finish – briney, seaspray savouriness again turned up a little – lots of flavour, lovely acidity, really putting itself out there this year.

Wild fermented in stainless steel, the wine also spent 4 weeks on fine lees, stirred twice weekly, giving it a beautiful, textural edge not often found in Australian Vermentino’s. The cooler vintage conditions meant that acids remained high, even as sugar levels increased and flavours developed, meaning we have a little higher ABV than previous years, but also more depth of flavour, whilst not compromising freshness and drinkability.

Grape: Vermentino

Country: Australia

Region: Riverland

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