Delinquente Jaybird Maceration 2022


Delinquente is a cool project coming out of the Riverland, making fun and experimental wines with a deft touch, and a youthful exuberance that shines through every time. Now certified biodynamic.

Do a few bombs off the Amalfi Coast with every sip of this highly quenchable new entry to the stable.

Notes from Mr. Delinquente himself below:

The Bianco Macerato is an easy drinking, approachable skin contact white wine. Each parcel was fermented separately – the Chardonnay was pressed off skins straight away, while the Vermentino, Malvasia and Arinto were fermented on skins until sugar dry, up to 14 days. Each parcel was allowed to go through malolactic fermentation and settle out before being blended just prior to bottling.

The combination of fruit forward, acid driven and aromatic varieties, combined with extended skin contact, creates a wine that is at once thought provoking, interesting, but also refreshing and delicious. The nose is aromatic as – canned lychee, orange blossom – floral and super fresh. The upfront citrus hit of pink grapefruit and briney lemon makes way for the crunchy buzz of savoury, herbaceous tannin – not overpowering, but lingering. The characteristic acid from the Arinto ties it all together and provides length.

Grape: Blend

Country: Australia

Region: Riverland

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