Forlorn Hope Songs From Mars Ramato Pinot Gris 2020

$36 $42

Mat Rorick cuts a striking image, he is equal parts Henry Rollins, Lemmy & Johnny Cash. Before COVID times Mat would split the year between his home winery in the Sierra Foothills, and in South Australia, creating some ultra crushable drops. We managed to snag a little bit of that last release as well, we also have a pretty cool international project with this crew coming out soon...

Here's the lowdown from the High Hopes gang:

Organic Fruit from the Bower Ridge in Adelaide Hills. Pinot Gris macerated on Nero d’Avola skins for 4 weeks.  

100% Pinot Gris in a true northern Italian Ramato style. Very long maceration that gives that beautiful Copper hue and structure to the wine. It’s not much about fruit here, think about taking a walk in a Sub-Alpine botanic garden.

Alc: 11.8%

Volume: 750ml

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