Youngbloods Run Free Forever

Well, would you look at that, a cross-generational, cross-continental collaboration between Amity, Built to Spill Wine and Rikard Wines. 

From sending all kinds of different blends, to single site then single varietal concoctions, we all landed on this beauty, the Youngbloods Shiraz, just in time for the anniversary of the seminal album.

Although we may not all age as gracefully as fine wines, the album has stood the test of time. Looking back with perhaps blurrier eyes now, but more evolved tastebuds, nothing makes more sense than a little reminisce over a bottle or two.

We are so stoked to put this out, especially with Joel and Ahren both contributing designs each for the labels, this couldn't be more of a collectable merch item if it tried. 

We managed to catch up over the internet and various time zones to chat various tour stories, drinking games, and interesting drinking techniques (flippers involved.) Check it out below. 

B2SW_Collabs_Amity_Interview-2 from BUILT TO SPILL WINE on Vimeo.


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