Spilling Season is Now Upon Us

Brace yourselves Australia, Built to Spill Wine and Thy Art is Murder have teamed up with Konpira Maru to bring you: PUREST STRAIN OF GRAPE.

What wine goes with one of the heaviest bands to emerge from the depths of Australia? A light chilled red, duh!

Alastair Reed of Konpira Maru is a walking encyclopaedia of most things, but especially heavy music. He broke down Thy Art's lineage of sound  After locking down the right blend to complement the relentless brutality that is Thy Art, we crushed a bottle or two to dust with lead guitarist Andrew Marsh over some fine cured meats and tinned fish. We all agreed that this was the perfect drop to quench the thirst, starve the fever and taste the harvest.

What's more we managed to nab some copies of Human Target to complete the package. This drop comes after the release of new track Killing Season, a mighty slab of old school Thy Art goodness that is sure to get the blood pumping.

Deathcore Christmas has come early this year!



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